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Professional Service

Count on Floors Plus More of Jacksonville for the cleanest and fastest floor demolition services. Professional floor removal done quickly and efficiently.

HEPA Filtration

Industrial grade equipment designed to incorporate HEPA filtration. As dust is created, it's collected before it can circulate in the home or business.

Floor Removal

We’ve got you covered for all your floor removal needs. Water damaged wood floor removal, glued down carpet, ceramic tile and vinyl tile removal.


Floors Plus More Inc - (904) 237-5220 - Residential & Commercial Flooring Removal in Jacksonville, Florida.

“Excellent Service!!! Crew is punctual, Professional and really nice. The dust minimizing system they use is impressive! They removed wood and tile and ground down to the bare concrete with very little dust. They took extra precautions to tape off areas not being removed and protect furniture and appliances. I would highly recommend their removal services!!!”

“Professional, incredibly knowledgeable, and has an eye for detail. Our new floors look amazing, James! Thank you, and your awesome crew for treating our home as if it was your own. Highly recommend this company!!”

“It is so nice to have a company that actually cares about your home. The dustless system they use is absolutely amazing. They go above and beyond to make sure they DO NOT leave YOU the mess to clean up! Polite, professional and Timely!”

Prevent the Dangers of Inhaling Dust with our Floor Removal Methods

Floors Plus More Inc - (904) 237-5220

Dustless Tile Removal - Inhaling dust that results from construction projects can cause a host of problems for home or business owners. This is particularly dangerous during the process of floor removal due to the large volume of dust created during these projects. For every square foot of tile that’s demolished and removed, up to a pound of dust is created and released into the air. Inhaling dust from tile or wood floor removal can be dangerous, leading to anything from minor irritation to chronic illnesses.

How Floor Removal Creates Dust? When a tile or wood floor is removed, contracted professionals generally use jackhammers, scrapers, and grinders to chip away at the flooring. Once the tile or wood is removed, the grinders smooth out the surface beneath so that a new floor can be properly installed. This process creates a lot of dust, which can end up in the air inside of the building or on surfaces throughout it. This dust is often primarily made up of materials like silica, a mineral commonly used in tile.

The Solution - Floors Plus More uses industrial grade equipment that are designed to incorporate a HEPA filtration vacuum system. As the dust is being created, it's collected before it can begin circulating.


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